Penetration Testing:

We use our penetration testing methodology and threat information to show how an attacker could get unauthorized access to your environment.

The services we offer include but are not limited to the following :

Network Penetration Testing

Identify network security flaws by mapping out the organization's entire security posture.

IoT Security Testing

Identify the security threats of IoT systems and search for vulnerabilities in the device's whole ecosystem.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Find and highlight security flaws in your web environments, as well as potential real-world risks to your company.

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Analyze the efficacy of internal training and communication by simulating attack scenarios using human and electronic techniques.

Audit & Assessment:

In uncover weaknesses and security gaps in your organization, our team provides various services in security auditing.

Conformity assessment

Verify the conformity of the present security measures concerning a reference system chosen or defined by the client (ISO, NIST, etc).

Code review

Assess and audit application's source code to identify vulnerabilities introduced by programming errors or business logic flaws.

Searching for the presence of vulnerabilities

Spot the flaws and verify the presence of vulnerabilities in the internal infrastructure, the ones found are classified by level of criticality according to the criteria set by the customer.

Architecture and configuration auditing

Analyze from a security point of view the deployment modes, configurations of the system, application, network and security components of the IT infrastructure.

Digital forensics & Incident response:

When it comes to cyberattacks, having a solid system in place to respond to them is essential. As are digital forensics tools for locating all of the sources of the problem and reducing loss, both of which we provide.

Cyber Emergency

Endeavor to respond to each incident with a quick, well-thought-out, and precise strategy, taking all required actions to identify the attack, confine it, prevent more harm, eliminate it, and begin the recovery process.

Data Breach

We aim to reduce data breach losses, notify the victims, and conduct digital forensics to identify the root of the problem and take the necessary steps.

IPS and IDS systems

Develop and implement an intrusion detection system to reduce the risk of infection and ensure a quick response thanks to the detection one.

Malware Analysis

Our team will be using static and dynamic analysis to study and break the malware's harmful behaviour to terminate it and prevent additional infections.

Cybersecurity trainings

Through the expertise of our consultants, we also deliver up-to-date online training for general employees, developers or even security specialists who want to improve their skills:

Red team security training

This practical course is for people who have a fair knowledge of offensive security techniques and want to master their skills in this area.

Blue team security training:

This training aims to teach and test practical defensive security skills, making it the perfect opportunity for individuals leaning towards the blue side of security.

Cybersecurity awareness training

Your employees need to be aware of their responsibilities and accountabilities when using a computer on a business network. That is why we offer security awareness training to teach employees about fundamental security guidelines.

Personalized program security training

Red Fox Labs experts build this program directly with customers to meet their security training needs.

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