About us


We are committed to protecting businesses and combating adversaries on a large scale.


Who we are?

We are an elite team of security professionals, certified and experienced consultants, who provide high-quality offensive and defensive security services such as penetration testing, audits and incident response. Our goal is to enable companies to improve their security system and mount a solid posture to face cyber threats and risks.


What makes us so different?

Our professional team driven by their passion for cybersecurity will work to identify and clear any possible risk or threat using good analytics and out of the box thinking, ensure a secure system, network and data integrity with 24/7 support and complete transparency with our clients.In a time where no one can deny how much these cyber attacks have spread , Red Fox Labs will make sure to protect your company from all that.


Our approach to solve your problems

Effective cybersecurity programs are built step-by-step, based on a thorough understanding of relevant business processes and the mindset of potential attackers. That's why we take the time to understand your business and your specific needs. Our approach to solving your problems strictly adheres to the guidelines listed below :


Prioritize critical assets and potential threats:

Prior to investing in cyber defenses, executives should work to clarify the most relevant risks and know which assets need to be secured. We help companies assess their cyber risk capabilities and compare them with industry standards. With this knowledge, they can set realistic goals for their level of resilience. With this risk-based approach, we build customized controls for a company's critical vulnerabilities to defeat attacks at lower overall cost.


Simplify the complex nature of security:

The complexity of security technologies, the sophistication and constant evolution of attackers' methods and tools, as well as the multitude of security standards and benchmarks are all factors that make it even more difficult to secure systems and data. With our experienced consultants, we are able to handle this complexity on behalf of our customers and present it in a simple and intuitive way allowing them to focus on their core business.


Embrace artificial intelligence and automation:

Artificial intelligence is an ideal cybersecurity solution for automating tasks that would otherwise take a considerable amount of time to be finished. Using AI techniques, cyber threats can be identified instantly, which immensely improves our response time.


Quickly adapt to change:

One way or another, an organization can and will be impacted by a cyber attack. Companies must be constantly refining their business-continuity and crisis management structures and processes to satisfy changes in the threat level. That is why it is our duty to help companies adapt their organization, processes and products to the latest changes in the security industry.

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